TM Search, Analysis, Consultation + Registration Package

TM Search, Analysis, Consultation + Registration Package

This package includes: search, analysis, opinion and preparation of TM application to submit to the USPTO for registration of one trademark.
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Order Package
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This is the full TM Registration Package that includes search, analysis and preparation of the TM application to submit to the USPTO.


What is included:

  • Conduct a preliminary trademark clearance search (state, fed, common law). 
  • Provide opinion letter of analysis of whether the potential mark is strong or weak with recommendations for the best next steps and/or options available.
  • Have a consultation with you (phone, email, video) to discuss the opinion letter and answer any questions to help you make an informed decision. 
  • Prepare proposed description of your goods or services
  • Review and confirm all of the particulars of the application with you
  • Help with identifying and preparing an acceptable specimen of use
  • File the application with the USPTO
  • Correspond with the USPTO and keep you informed of the application status
  • Respond to routine USPTO Office Actions
  • Check for accuracy and forward your Certificate of Registration
  • Timing : please note, as per the USPTO, the average length of time between filing a trademark application and either receiving a registration or abandoning the application (or receiving an allowance in the case of an intent-to-use application) is about eleven months. However, this estimation can vary, (can be shorter or much longer), and is contingent upon the USPTO.

What is not included:

  • USPTO application fees. Currently, application fees are $275 per class of goods or services ($350 effective Jan 2nd 2021).
  • Oppositions. Handling trademark oppositions before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board
  • Appeals. Appealing the denial of a trademark application.
  • Litigation. Litigating trademark infringement
  • Alternative mark analysis. Based on my analysis and opinion letter, you may decide not to move forward with your application. If you decide that you would like for me to provide an analysis of an alternative mark, then additional costs would apply (* the application part of the package fee would be credited to your account or refunded if you decide to abort the application/registration).
  • Statement of Use (SOU). If you file on an intent-to-use basis, an SOU will need to be filed before you can obtain a registration.  If you elect for PLC, Ltd to file the SOU, you will be quoted an additional “add on” flat fee to prepare and file the SOU (+USPTO fees at $100 per class).
  • Guarantees. Unfortunately, there is no “magic bullet” or guarantee that your trademark application will be granted by the USPTO.  This is the reason you will be provided an analysis and opinion letter to help you understand the likelihood of your trademark application being granted. However, even if it seems, after analysis, that the trademark application will be granted, the trademark might be denied by the USPTO based on information that could not have been foreseen.


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