"Essentials" START-UP GP Package

"Essentials" START-UP GP Package

Included with this package:

*General Partnership Agreement
*General Nondisclosure Agreement
*Employment Offer Letter (Hiring Letter "At Will" Employment)
*Independent Contractor Agreement
*Attorney review/feedback

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About the Documents in this Package:

General Partnership Agreement

This is a general partnership agreement, a form that documents the agreement between partners to operate a business. The partnership agreement documents the amount of capital that each partner contributes, the method to be used to allocate profits and losses from the business, and the method used to distribute the assets should the business be dissolved.

The form also contains questions concerning the name of the partnership, the purposes of the partnership, and key operational dates. It contains a section for a Notary Public to complete when the partners execute the agreement.

General Nondisclosure Agreement

This is a General Non-disclosure Agreement. The form contains questions concerning details of the company and client who are entering into this agreement.

Employment Offer Letter (Hiring Letter "At Will" Employment)
This product creates a hiring offer letter which clearly explains that employment is "at-will", and does not create an employment contract between the employer and employee.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Simple independent contractor agreement between a Company and Contractor for work to be done on an existing contract/project.