"Essentials" PREMIUM Incorporation Package

"Essentials" PREMIUM Incorporation Package

Included with this package:

Illinois Articles of Incorporation
*Notice of Meeting
*Organizational Meeting of Directors
*Waiver of Notice of Meeting 
*Attorney Review/Feedback

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About the Documents in this Package


This form is to create Bylaws, which are rules and procedures for the operation of meetings of shareholders and directors. All corporations should have Bylaws. Be sure the procedures spelled in the Bylaws do not conflict with the corporation's articles of incorporation and state laws

Notice of Meeting

Use this form to provide notice of meetings to shareholders or directors. Even when notice of a meeting is not legally required, as is normally the case for regular annual directors and shareholders meetings, you should always provide it (unless you have all directors or all shareholders sign a waiver of notice of meeting). Directors and shareholders can’t be expected to ferret these dates out of the corporate bylaws. As a matter of courtesy, they should always be informed well ahead of time of the time, place and purpose of all meetings.

Organizational Meeting of Directors

This template generates all of the organizational documents and corporate resolutions that are required at the organizational meeting of the Board of Directors for a corporation. The various resolutions and forms that are generated by this template are indispensable to the appropriate and correct organization of a corporation, whether it is a "C" corporation or an "S" corporation. When used in conjunction with an Articles of Incorporation, this template produces a complete system for establishing and organizing your corporation entity correctly and legally.

Waiver of Notice of Meeting

Use this form if you are preparing minutes of a meeting that has not occurred or will not occur, because you'll want to sidestep any formal call and notice requirements. The best way to do this from a legal perspective is to have each director or shareholder sign a written Waiver of Notice of Meeting form, dated before or on the same date as the meeting.