• Manage Legal Risks

    Helping businesses manage legal risks...

  • Outsourced Counsel Services

    I provide outsourced business counsel, and limited business counsel services to new businesses and to small-mid sized organizations. These services help businesses manage legal risks through the ability to obtain "continuity" of my legal strategy and guidance, without the risk and significant expense, (salary+bonus+benefits), of a full-time in-house counsel or legal department.

  • Consulting Services

    My outsourced counsel consulting services include working with entrepreneurs and existing small-mid sized businesses as a legal consultant for projects such as: small volume contract drafting and review (e.g.; analyzing drafts, preparing standard templates, identifying the variables relevant to a contract, and building a checklist of “clauses”, which may be useful in addressing the distinctive specifications of each agreement), technology contract review and drafting (e.g.; software licensing and cloud-based agreements) and IP (trademark & copyright) matters.

  • Business Counsel Services

    My outsourced business counsel services include serving as an extended member of a company's executive or administrative team to help guide the organization in strategic day-to-day decision making.


    As an extended member of the executive or administrative team I act as a key business and legal advisor to the CEO and/or board in which my main goal becomes understanding my clients unique business by learning the underlying structure and functions (day-to-day activities) and evaluate legal risks in relation to the organization's strategy, (enterprise risk management - ERM), in order to provide the best ongoing guidance for each area of my client's business.


    Having an intimate knowledge of my client's business also helps me provide services for not only traditional legal matters but also process efficiencies, technological proficiency, and cost savings in all areas of my client's business becoming a valuable, extended, member of the company’s management team.

    * Note - depending upon complexity and business size, acceptance of new GC clients is dependent upon availability per the number of current GC clients.

  • Need to Talk?

    If you would like to discuss any aspect of my outsourced counsel services for your existing or new business please use the contact button, below, to inquire about a quick call or a full strategy session (*consultation fee applies).

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