• Limited Legal Services

    'A la carte' legal documents and services for small businesses!

  • Offering online "business essentials" limited legal services saves you from the need and expense of using the traditional, hourly rate, law firm for necessary documents and services, such as legal advice, and/or from the confusing task of attempting to create, review or update your own business documents without legal guidance.

    *View the Business Essentials "Limited Services & Terms of Use"

  • Easy... Convenient... & Secure

    My online "business essentials" services provide you limited legal services online through a secure client portal space whereby you can: 1) access an attorney prepared legal form or package and customize each legal form via an online questionnaire, save and then purchase the form or package for a fixed fee and then obtain my legal guidance, and/or 2) upload an existing form for review or customization for a fixed fee, and/or 3) request that a new form be created/drafted by me, for a quoted fixed fee, once I've received the specifications, and/or 4) purchase and obtain legal advice concerning a specific business matter for a fixed fee.


    The online format provides you an easy, convenient and secure way to obtain my legal services and you benefit from having direct access to legal guidance from me, a licensed attorney, who wants to see your business grow and succeed.

    Visit the FAQs page for more information about how the client portal site works.

  • Legal Forms & Packages

    The attorney-prepared, "business essentials", legal forms and packages are: 1) intelligent and interactive, (documents are generated based on your answers to questions via an online questionnaire), 2) include legal guidance from me, 3) are offered at fixed prices and are meant to provide many of the necessary documents you need to have in order to ensure that your business is successful, compliant, lucrative and continues to grow.

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    "Essentials" Legal Forms, Documents & Packages...

    *Select any category below to view all of the legal forms , documents and packages available.

  • Legal Document Review

    There might be times when you need an existing contract or legal document reviewed in order to receive advice/guidance to ensure your business is protected. My Legal Document Review Service makes it easy to obtain limited advice, directly from me for an existing legal document, for a fixed fee.

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    You might need "Legal Document Review Services"...

    • for any existing contract drafted or purchased elsewhere.
    • if you need legal advice/guidance on the terms set forth in a non-competition agreement.
    • if you need an attorney's advice on the terms/content of a licensing agreement.
    • if you have an existing agreement or policy that needs to be reviewed/updated/revised.

    *To get started just: 1) click on the "Register" button to register on the client portal site and 2) submit (upload) your legal document. I will review the document and then quote you a fixed fee.

    If you are unsure about using this service feel free to click here! to submit a question or details and I will respond.

  • Legal Matter Advice

    To resolve a business legal matter or move on to the next step in a legal action, sometimes the only thing you need is an answer to a question - but many times it requires advice from a licensed attorney.

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    Fixed Fee Advice

    $325.00 (fixed fee)

    My "Legal Advice Service" gives you a convenient way to obtain the professional advice you need and the peace of mind you should have for your business matter question. You can register and purchase legal advice, via the client portal site, for a fixed fee (*fixed fee applies to one legal issue).


    *To get started just: 1) click on the "Register" button to register on the client portal site, 2) purchase the service, and then 3) submit your issue or question and I will provide the guidance you need.

    If you have questions about this service feel free to click here! to submit your question and I will respond.