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    Liability audits tailored to support the health of your business...

  • Regularly Audit Business Practices & Processes!

    All business practices and processes should be regularly audited (reviewed) for legal compliance liabilities - usually based on industry and location. Many businesses, especially small businesses, fail to conduct this type of review leaving the business exposed to various ongoing levels of liability. These businesses have the misguided view that the company is not large enough to need this type of review. But review of business practices and processes can and should be regularly used by any size business (even solo professional practices). For example; a smaller business or professional practice could use a law firm or third party vendor to conduct a full or partial audit or assist with a self-audit to look for existing and/or potential problems which will help the company correct and/or avoid those liabilities.

  • Time for a Check-up?

    Find out by answering a few short questions that might help you assess whether your business could be at risk:

  • Maintain Business Health!

    Whether you use an attorney or choose to self audit, audits can be used to assess the general "legal and business health" of your company which will help your business operate more profitably, efficiently and with fewer legal risks. These audits can also be tailored to very specific areas of concern such as; contract compliance review, website/online terms of use & policy review, and workplace policies and procedures.

  • Ask About a Strategy Session

    If you would like to discuss a liability audit of your business practices and processes, in more detail, please use the contact button below to inquire about a complementary quick 15 minute call or a full "Business Liability Audit " strategy session (*consultation fee applies). During the session we will be able to discuss some details about your business that will help me further assess the potential legal needs of your business and recommend next steps that might benefit your business.

  • Download —> Business Planning Guide

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    Illinois employers are feeling pressured to make decisions that will have far-reaching effects - especially when it concerns potential liabilities with opening the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as: the decision, itself, to (re)open, planning and communications, allowing teleworking, workplace safety and heath and dealing with organizational procedures and policies.

    This guide can be used as a quick reference of information and general best practices to consider, relating to (re)opening your workplace while protecting your organization during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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