• Intellectual Property

    Essential documents to help you protect the business IP

  • Protect Your Business IP

    Create documents to protect your intellectual property. If properly maintained, intellectual property is important to all businesses of any size and can be a very valuable part of any portfolio. Intellectual property covers patents, trademarks, copyrights and to some extent trade secrets.

    IP Documents & Forms

    Copyrights & IP Agreements

    The IP documents and forms offered on this site are applicable to copyrights and IP agreements (*all documents are attorney created and reviewed with unlimited questions & feedback until finalized). ->go to the IP documents...


    *prices do not include paperwork filing or any state/federal filing fees.

  • IP Documents & Forms

    *Generate documents to help protect your intellectual property

  • Can't Find a Document or Service?

    If you do not see a document or service that you are looking for, no worries! You can request a custom document be drafted for purchase online or request a custom IP service. You can use the "Support" button below to provide some details regarding what you need and then you will be quoted a fixed fee price.

    Have Your Own Document?

    If you already have a document or form that you would like reviewed or customized you can request that document be reviewed or customized for purchase online. You can use the "Register" button below to create an account on the client portal site in order to upload the document and provide any other details you would like for me to know. Once I review the document you will be quoted a fixed fee price.