• Identify Opportunities

    Helping entrepreneurs and businesses manage risks ...

  • I help new and existing small-mid-sized business clients identify improvement opportunities by helping them avoid and or manage legal risks.

  • Existing Businesses Risk Management


    I provide "all inclusive" outsourced business counsel services, for small-mid-sized businesses per the scope of the plan selected, (all plans include email, phone/video calls, and/or in-person meetings), that cover areas of the business such as:

    • business organization and management (i.e.; risk management - ERM)
    • people management (i.e.; employee, independent contractor, vendor)
    • contracts and terms
    • ideas and technology (i.e.; TM, copyrights, licensing)
    • privacy and security
    • advertising and marketing
    • buying and selling a business

    What this means is the business can have me on their team without the cost of hourly fees or the expense, ("salary + bonus + benefits"), of hiring a full time in-house lawyer. The consequence of this relationship is that I am able to address the legal needs and risks of the business, before a crisis hits, because I am involved in the overall business and strategy.

  • Is Your Business at Risk?

    Does your business regularly audit internal processes? If not, could your company be at risk and in need of improvement? Click the button below to complete a free (*mini) Liability Check-up!

  • Let's Discuss!

    If you would like to discuss a legal audit of your business in more detail please use the contact button below to inquire about a quick call or a "Business Liability Audit " strategy session (*consultation fee applies). During the session we will be able to discuss some details about your business that will help me further assess the potential legal needs of your business and recommend next steps that might benefit your business.