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    Essential documents and forms to help you manage your employees

  • Generate employment forms and documents to help you create the correct pre-hire documents and documents to manage hired employees to help limit your liability from employment claims and law suits.


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  • Employment Forms & Documents

    *Generate documents to help manage your employees and contractors

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    Employment Offer Letter


    This product creates a hiring letter which clearly explains that employment is "at-will", and does not create an employment contract between the employer and employee.







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    Employment Agreement


    Employment agreements are not commonly used, but when the circumstances call for one, this form can be used to put the terms of employment between employer and employee into writing.


    It is a good idea to consult with an attorney before entering into an employment contract, both for employers and employees, because employment law varies from state to state. Also have the attorney review each provision of the contract to ensure that it is enforceable and legal in your particular state.


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    Employment Application


    This Employment Application form may be completed by job applicants for open positions in an employer’s company. Applicants are asked to provide educational and prior employment histories as well as skill sets that are applicable to the position.


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    Employee Handbook


    An Employee Handbook (or manual) is necessary to minimize potential employee law suits and to communicate human resource policies without ambiguity. This interactive, attorney-authored Employee Handbook enables you to obtain this critical document without delay.


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    Employee Handbook Acknowledgement


    Although an Employee Handbook Acknowledgment can be a valuable part of your workplace, it can also make you vulnerable to claims from your employees that the handbook creates an employment contract. Such a contract could limit your right to discipline and terminate your employees.


    This Employee Handbook Acknowledgment form can help you guard against such claims because it informs employees clearly and unambiguously that the handbook does not create a contract. You should be aware, however, that if your actions or if documents otherwise create a contract with your employees, this form on its own will not be enough to protect you.

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    Discipline Policy


    This Discipline Policy form may be used to generate a discipline policy to be made available to all the employees in a company. Having a written policy provides an employer with some evidence that all employees are treated equally in the event an employee files a grievance or lawsuit about the way in which he or she has been disciplined.


    The form also contains written notices that can be sent to employees that violate company policy and are to be disciplined following the procedures of this discipline policy.


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    General Non-disclosure Agreement


    This is an General Non-Disclosure Agreement. The form contains questions concerning details of the company and client who are entering into this agreement.

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    Independent Contractor Agreement


    This is a simple Independent Contractor Agreement between a Company and Contractor for work to be done on an existing contract/project.

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    Non Discrimination Policy


    This Non-Discrimination Policy form creates a written statement declaring the employer’s non-discrimination policy, which is to extend beyond hiring practices and cover dealings with existing employees, customers, clients and vendors.

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    Termination Procedures


    This Termination Procedures form may be used to generate procedures for terminating an employee. It provides a description of dismissible behaviors and actions as well as the steps to be taken before an employee may be terminated.

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