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    Essential documents and agreements to help protect your business

  • This collection of documents and agreements can be used for your business. Using written agreements is essential for protecting your business so that there is no miscommunication of terms due to unclear verbal details.

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  • Business Documents

    *Generate documents to help avoid miscommunication of terms

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    General Contract


    This interactive document can be used to generate a streamlined Contract. The person creating this Contract will be able to add into the document all the agreed upon terms and conditions of the parties involved in the contract.







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    General Non-compete Agreement


    A noncompete agreement can be used to prevent former employees from competing against your company after they leave your employment. This form allows an employer to draft an agreement that may keep an employee from:
    1. leaving in the first place
    2. defecting to a competitor
    3. opening a competitive business
    4. disclosing company secrets, and
    5. soliciting your customers, clients and employees.



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    General Release


    This is a form to release a party's obligation arising from a claim, an action, a suit, a demand, or an agreement. The form contains questions concerning the parties and the obligation.


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    Independent Contractor Agreement


    This is a simple independent contractor agreement between a Company and Contractor for work to be done on an existing contract/project.



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    IP Technology Assignment Agreement


    Owners or founders can use this agreement (.docx template) to assign/transfer all relevant intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and other intangible creations) created before forming the new company to the new company. This agreement will both provide records of ownership and transfer and protect the rights of all parties.


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    Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement


    This interactive legal document enables you to generate an agreement between two parties who are exchanging trade secrets.





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    Privacy Release


    This release agreement will proscribe the rights and privileges being granted to the named party in this document.



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    Specific Release


    This agreement releases the named party, or Releasee, from any and all contracts, claims, suits, actions or liabilities arising from the event set forth in this document by the Releasors.


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